Page 49 - ANNUAL REPORT 2015

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A three days workshop on VFX from 28th July to 30th July 2015 was
organised by Media Department under the supervision of
HoD Ma'amTehminaLodhi.
The Workshop was based on the tools and techniques of VFX and
Integration of VFX in Films. The workshop was taken by Mr. Shahnam a
renowned VFX artist who has worked with many international productions
&MrSajjadHaider. Students were informed about the tools and techniques
and how VFX is an integral part of film making, and all new Filmmakers
must be familiar with the techniques and also know how to work with VFX
The workshop was attended by 35 students from Film TV and Animation
majors along with the respectful faculty of media sciences.
Certifications were given to all participants who attended the workshop at
the end of the workshop.